Green Tea*

Camellia sinensis


Part Used

Leaf & bud


Immune; nervous


Anti-cancer; anti-microbial; antioxidant; astringent; cardiotonic; cytotoxic; diuretic; immuno-stimulant; nervine stimulant

Traditional Uses

Green tea has higher therapeutic properties than black tea. Used to promote longevity, improve mental functions, and prevent disease. Found to have anti-cancer and cancer preventative effects. An excellent source of anti-oxidant compounds – will reduce free radical damage and promote active detoxification. Used as a NS stimulant for fatigue and headaches. Immune and inflammatory modulating activity can be beneficial in fever, cough, colds/flu, and infections. Green tea possesses significant anti-microbial effects against bacteria and viruses. Cardiotonic effects give it use in the prevention of various heart conditions. Inhibits tooth decay and gum disease. Used topically for sore eyes. ^1. 2.