Purely Plants.

We believe that tea is is made for creating connections. With a healthy array of pure plant options to fill your cup, we are focused on providing products that are blended with only natural ingredients - some are even growing in our own back yard! We make sure we deliver the highest quality, organic where available, ethically harvested and locally sourced, sustainable herbs. Our products do not contain any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, sugar or additives.

Each of our teas offer unique flavour and ingredients, many of which have healing properties. Leaves and flowers are best made as an infusion (with hot water) and roots and barks will give more of their benefits when decocted (boiled). Enjoy each cup's vital energy directly from the Earth to your cup!

Unity Herbals has a variety of teas you can enjoy day and night, and most are caffeine free. A flavourful selection of blended tisanes invite you to sit down, take your time and unwind. Enjoy a warm drink that supports your health and well-being! When using good quality Unity herbal blends, one teaspoon per cup is the perfect recipe.

Our proprietary herbal teas are blended in Vancouver with care and love to offer you the highest quality product available. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do.


Susan Horning
Holistic Herbalist, Yogi and Founder of Unity Herbals