Black Tea* (Darjeeling)

Camellia sinensis

Part Used

Leaf, buds


Immune; nervous


Anti-microbial; antioxidant; cytotoxic & anti-cancer; astringent; cardiotonic; diuretic; immuno-stimulant; nervine stimulant

Traditional Uses

Used throughout Asia since 3000 B.C. to promote longevity, improve mental functions, and prevent disease. Green tea has higher therapeutic properties than black tea. An excellent source of anti-oxidant compounds and will reduce free radical damage and promote active detoxification. Used as a nervous system stimulant for fatigue and headaches. Anti-cancer and cancer preventative effects. Immune and inflammatory modulating activity – beneficial in fever, cough, colds/flu, and infections, and possesses significant anti-microbial effects against bacteria, protozoa and viruses. Prevention of arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol and various heart conditions. Inhibits tooth decay, bleeding gums and gum disease. Used topically for sore eyes. ^1. 2.