Curcuma longa

Part Used



Immune; digestive; cardiovascular


Alterative; analgesic; anti-arthritic; anti-cancer; antidepressant; anti-inflammatory; antioxidant; anti-microbial; carminative; circulatory-stimulant; hepatic & choleretic; hypolipidemic; liver trophorestorative & hepatoprotective

Traditional Uses

Used internally for digestive complaints; promotes liver function, bile flow and production, and protects the liver against toxic exposure. As a digestive aid will relieve flatulence and protect the stomach mucosa against ulceration. Is also an anti-inflammatory agent, useful for arthritic conditions, tendonitis, bursitis, bruises, sprains and pain and inflamed joints in general. Useful in gastrointestinal conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, dyspepsia, and gastric ulcers. Protective effects on the cardiovascular system – lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Used to prevent and treat various cancers. Used topically for rashes, psoriasis, eczema, ringworm, tinea, dry skin, burns, wounds and acne. ^1. 2.