Reishi mushroom

Ganoderma lucidum

Part Used

Fruiting body




Adaptogen; alterative; anti-allergenic; anti-bacterial; anti-inflammatory; antiplatelet; antioxidant; anti-viral; cardiotonic; cytotoxic (anti-tumor); expectorant; hypoglycemic; hypolipidemic; hypotensive; immune modulator & stimulant; nervine tonic & sedative

Traditional Uses

Provides immunological support, improving the functioning and regulation of the whole immune system. Especially helpful in chronic immune weakness and poor resistance to airborne and respiratory infections. Inhibits release of histamine and reduces the immune response to inhaled or ingested allergens. Used in cancer and other diseases involving massive oxidative damage, including chemical toxicity and liver damage. Antioxidant effect protects against radiation damage; can be utilized if exposure to X rays is expected – reduces inflammation without interfering in the healing process. Traditionally recognised for promoting longevity and cognitive function. Helpful in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome, low energy, or general weakness. ^1. 2.