Lavandula officinalis

Part Used



Immune; nervous; digestive


Anti-anxiety; antibacterial; anti-depressant; antimicrobial; anti-rheumatic; antiseptic; antispasmodic; carminative; circulatory stimulant; emmenagogue; nervine sedative; rubefacient; uterine stimulant

Traditional Uses

Has many uses – culinary, cosmetic and medicinal. As a digestive aid is highly carminative (relieves flatulence) and mildly bitter; will benefit any inflammatory or spasmodic gastrointestinal condition. Is effective for headaches, especially when stress-related. Can be effective in the clearing of depression, especially if used in conjunction with other remedies. A gentle strengthening tonic of the nervous system – helpful for nervous debility and exhaustion. Used to soothe and promote natural sleep. Applied topically for leucorrhea, eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, cold sores, fungal infections, cuts, wounds, burns, and acne. ^1. 2.