Trigonella foenum-graecum

Part Used

Fruit (seed)


Gastrointestinal; reproductive


Anti-cholesterol; anti-inflammatory; anti-pyretic; anti-spasmodic; anti-tumor; aphrodisiac; carminative; demulcent; emmenagogue; emollient; expectorant; galactogogue; hypoglycemic; hypotensive; laxative; nutritive; phytoestrogenic; oxytocic; vulnerary

Traditional Uses

Valuable as a wound healing and anti-inflammatory herb in conditions such as skin wounds, boils, sores, acne, eczema, fistulas and tumors. Used topically for lymphadenitis, leg edema, and ulcers. Can be gargled to ease sore throat/gums; helpful for bad breath. Stimulates milk production in mothers, for which it is perfectly safe. Has a reputation of stimulating development of the breasts and libido – used in TCM for premature ejaculation. Also used topically for rectal irritations, and vaginal irritations. Modulates changes in blood sugar levels for insulin-dependent diabetics. Indicated for cancer (colon, cervical) recovery. ^1. 2.