Sambucus nigra

Part Used

Flower & berries


Immune; respiratory


Alterative; anti-catarrhal; anti-inflammatory; antispasmodic; carminative; demulcent; diaphoretic; diuretic; emollient; expectorant; laxative

Traditional Uses

Specific for the treatment of colds and flus, and acute conditions associated with fever, URT congestion, headache and nausea. Useful in rhinitis, asthma, croup, hay fever, conjunctivitis, rheumatism, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis. Known for anti-catarrhal and alterative effects useful in allergic conditions (i.e. sinusitis, asthma) with cough and excess mucous production. Especially useful for joint diseases and rheumatism. Powerful antioxidant, lower cholesterol, improves vision, boosts the immune system, and improves heart health. ^1. 2.