Cinnamomum verum

Part Used

Inner bark


Gastrointestinal; respiratory


Anthelmintic (expel parasitic worms); anti-bacterial; anti-diarrhea; anti-fungal; antimicrobial; antispasmodic; aromatic; astringent; carminative; hemostatic; hypoglycemic; stimulant

Traditional Uses

As a carminative (relieves flatulence) is a useful companion to laxatives; considered warming to the intestinal tract. Astringent properties make it useful for the treatment of diarrhea and for conditions of passive hemorrhage. Helpful in colds, and flus; is antiviral. Has shown beneficial effects on hyperglycemia in type II diabetes by promoting insulin release, and enhancing insulin sensitivity. Used as an anti-perspirant in deodorant, in insect repellant, and for gingivitis, thrush and lice. Used topically to warm the hands and feet. May stimulate menses; also helpful for menstrual cramps, fibroids and yeast infections. ^1. 2.