Stellaria media

Part Used



Skin; digestive; reproductive; respiratory


Alterative; antimicrobial; anti-rheumatic; astringent; carminative; demulcent; diuretic; emollient; hepatoprotective (liver); laxative (mild); vulnerary

Traditional Uses

Traditionally used to treat various diseases such as inflammations of the digestive, renal, respiratory, and reproductive tracts. A folk remedy for obesity. Primarily used to treat irritated skin and soothes severe itchiness. Relieves eczema, varicose veins and urticaria. An infusion of the fresh or dried plant may be added to a bath to soothe skin conditions. Emollient properties help reduce inflammation and are useful for rheumatic joint conditions; helps encourage tissue repair. Indicated for eye inflammation, coughs, hoarseness, chest infections and bronchitis. ^1. 2.