Matricaria recutita

Part Used

Flower heads


Gastrointestinal; nervous system


Analgesic; anti-anxiety; anti-emetic; anti-inflammatory; anti-microbial; antispasmodic; anti-ulcer; bitter; carminative; demulcent; diaphoretic; nervine sedative; vulnerary

Traditional Uses

Specific for use in all kinds of gastrointestinal disturbances associated with nervous irritability; treatment of IBS and colitis. Safe to use on children; its powerful anti-inflammatory actions make it useful in almost any condition. As a nervine sedative and bitter will aid digestion while promoting a restful sleep. Treatment for fever, colds, measles, candida and stomach ailments, conjunctivitis, hay fever, and mucous membrane inflammation (involving ear, nose and sinuses). Used topically to heal wounds; a mild anesthetic useful for rheumatic and muscular pains and neuralgia. Healing topically for eczema, skin inflammation and irritations, diaper rash, mastitis, skin ulcers, and sunburn. ^1. 2.