Capsicum frutescens/annuum

Part Used



Cardiovascular; circulatory; digestive


Analgesic; antimicrobial; antioxidant; carminative; antispasmodic; circulatory stimulant; diaphoretic; febrifuge; hemostatic; rubefacient

Traditional Uses

One of the purest of all known stimulants and the most useful of stimulating diaphoretics – increases body temperature and aids in infections and general bodily cleansing. Regulates blood flow, strengthens the heart, arteries, capillaries and nerves and will aid in poor peripheral circulation causing cold hands and feet. Used in flatulent dyspepsia and colic, and as a circulatory stimulant will increase blood supply to the digestive organs (enhancing their activities – secretions, regular contractions). Used topically as a rubefacient (to reduce fever), to increase circulation and aid in problems such as rheumatic pains. Used to relieve pain associated with Herpes, arthralgia and headaches. ^1. 2.