Calendula officinalis

Part Used

Flower heads; ray florets


Skin; lymphatic; digestive


Anti-inflammatory; antimicrobial; anti-spasmodic; demulcent/emollient & vulnerary; emmenagogue; hemostatic; lymphatic; phytoestrogenic

Traditional Uses

One of the best herbs for treating local skin problems such as first aid treatment of minor burns and scalds with a lotion, poultice or compress. Indicated topically for athlete’s foot, ringworm, skin ulceration, eczema, acne, sore nipples, cradle cap, diaper rash, bruises, cuts, wounds, and sunburn. Used internally as an anti-inflammatory for the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Anti-microbial anti-fungal activity and may be used internally and externally to combat such infections. A helpful gargle for sore throats and gums due to infection with swollen glands. Stimulates the drainage of enlarged, inflamed lymph nodes – specifically the breast and pelvic tissues. Has a reputation of helping delayed menstruation and painful periods. ^1. 2.