Blue Cohosh

Caulophyllum thalictroides

Part Used

Root, rhizome


Urinary; reproductive


Anti-inflammatory; anti-rheumatic; anti-spasmodic; diuretic; emmenagogue; oxytocic; parturient (facilitates labour); uterine tonic

Traditional Uses

Traditionally as a uterine tonic – increases blood supply to the uterus; is indicated in any conditions of uterine weakness and loss of tone due to chronic inflammation. Specifically indicated for uterine spasms on the first day of menstrual flow, and in cases where there is a pelvic pain/sense of pelvic fullness. Antispasmodic action will ease false labour pains, and facilitate labour by normalizing uterine contractions, relax the cervix and help ensure an easy delivery. Strengths and slows down muscle contractions. Used as an emmenagogue to bring on a delayed or suppressed menses, while relieving accompanied pain. ^2.