Withania somnifera

Part Used



Immune, Nervous, Endocrine


Adaptogen, immune-modulator, nervine sedative, rejuvenating tonic,  anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory, astringent, aphrodisiac.

Traditional Uses

Promoting learning and memory, mental clarity, and general stamina, this root and sometimes leaves may reduce blood pressure and slow the heart rate, and is a source of Iron (Fe).   A tonic for the elderly and to promote growth in children, it can also increase performance in athletes.   It may promote recovery after illness and in chronic disease with inflammation, fungal infection, degeneration, wasting disease, auto-immune conditions (such as psoriasis) and cancer.  A nutritive tonic for pregnant women, it has been also been used in cases of impotency in males.   ^1. 2.

Caution should be used in conjunction with thyroid medications.   Consult a health practitioner to find out more.