Alfalfa Leaf*

Medicago sativa

Part Used

Aerial (leaf)


Gastrointestinal; reproductive


Alterative; anti-cholesterol; anti-hemorrhagic; anti-tumorogenic; astringent; choleretic & cholagogue; diuretic; hepatic; hypolipidemic; nutritive; phytoestrogenic; uterine tonic

Traditional Uses

Rich in vitamins and minerals. A valuable nutritive that can stimulate appetite and enhances overall nutrition while promoting the digestion and assimilation of foods. Often included in detoxification teas for its nutritional, alkalizing and cleansing actions. Helpful for the treatment of anemia and arthritis. A restorative tonic for the reproductive system. Phytoestrogenic effects restore strength and tone to mammary, ovarian and uterine tissue in females and towards the prostate in males. May help in the treatment of osteoporosis and a variety of menstrual and menopausal complaints. ^2.